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Finback670 Solution 688 download

To install Loft, please follow the steps below.

To install Solution 688 (v 1.26.31), please follow the steps below.

  1. Click Here to View In App Store. Click Here to Download/Install the App.
  2. Click the Home button and select the Solution 688 app icon

Please note that this is not a consumer application. This application is for FINBACK 670, Incorporated employees and FINBACK 670, Incorporated teaming partner employees.

Latest Beta (v 1.25.2): ONLY INSTALL AS DIRECTED. When directed to install, use the instructions above substituting the link below.

Release Notes (1.0.28):
  • Fixed movement of Dwelling Entry text when moving walls.
  • Added ability to "delete" stair walls.
  • Fixed error that caused crash when adding wall break to Building Envelope.
  • Limited icon package for ACM to DE and "1".
  • Added distinction between Double Bifold and Single Bifold doors.
  • Added ability to lock the DE tag and tap through doors to designate without having to select the door first.

Release Notes (1.0.29):
  • Fixed Icon package for ACM
  • Fixed issue where interior doors and windows deleted coming back from S637
  • Refined template list page. Added ability to filter by address and unit type

Release Notes (1.0.34):
  • Added ability to rename Building Exteriors
  • Fixed issue where accessible/inaccesible switch did not reflect current state of Rooms/Building Exteriors.
  • Fixed issue where first option in list for Room naming did not allow submit without moving scroll wheel.
  • Removed ability to delete Building Exterior name tag.
  • Fence drawing now removes the fence if it was accidentally created too small (quick touch and release was creating fences too small to see).
  • Fixed issue where Porch name tags where unable to be moved.
  • Fixed issue where windows on exterior level were shifting after moving the building exterior.

Release Notes (1.0.35):
  • Validates that each interior Room Equivalent or Functional Space has at least 1 entry way.
  • Deletes archives if not opened for 30 days.

Release Notes (1.0.36):
  • Fixed issue that broke movement of wall numbers.

Release Notes (1.0.37):
  • Fixed fence drawing issues.
  • Prevented deletion of wall segments from Rooms, Building Exteriors, Stair Landings, and Decks.

Release Notes (1.0.38):
  • Added Risk Assessor icon package .

Release Notes (1.1.0):
  • Added web view.
  • Restricted placement of certain features to be contained inside their respective rooms.
  • Added max replication of rooms to 20.
  • Added validation to not allow overlapping rooms on export.
  • Fixed issue where multimove would shift objects when dragging close to border.

Release Notes (1.1.1):
  • Fixed error when trying to place a wall when nothing is selected.

Release Notes (1.2.0):
  • Fixed free drawing of walls.

Release Notes (1.2.1):
  • Fixed overlap detection issues.

Release Notes (1.2.2):
  • Fixed point of entry validation error.
  • Fixed undo/redo related to North Arrow.
  • Took out collapse of left menu tray.
  • Prevented gesture navigation.

Release Notes (1.2.3):
  • Fixed text move issue with legacy drawings.

Release Notes (1.2.4):
  • Fixed text move issue with legacy templates.

Release Notes (1.3.0):
  • Added validation for NYCHA that requires an entry way be on wall "1".
  • Fixed movement issues for web view.
  • Fixed canvas box positioning for web view.

Release Notes (1.3.1):
  • Fixed undo/redo functionality when snapping walls and rotating doors.

Release Notes (1.4.0):
  • Refined movement of angled walls.
  • Confined movement of icons to the Rooms they sit in.
  • Set minimum length for walls, doors, windows, and missing wall segments.
  • Fixed free placement of vertex.
  • Fixed free placement of vertex.
  • Removed fill of room number from svg export.

Release Notes (1.4.1):
  • Refined calculation of Room Equivalent center.

Release Notes (1.4.2):
  • Fixed error caused by movement of DE tag.
  • Fixed issue causing doors and missing wall segments not resizing on angled walls.

Release Notes (1.4.3):
  • Fixed error caused deletion of a door with a DE tag.

Release Notes (1.4.4):
  • Fixed for vertex issue.

Release Notes (1.4.5):
  • Restricted RE search for NYCHA to only NYCHA approved REs.

Release Notes (1.5.0):
  • Wall segements are highlighted dark red until designated.
  • User can highlight a wall and select the info button to designate wall if auto number could not detect it.
  • Added initial web view.
  • Added more zoom by a factor of .5.

Release Notes (1.5.1):
  • Fixed error causing door to flip across wall when moving wall.
  • Fixed error causing door to move outside of wall when moving door after flipping.

Release Notes (1.5.2):
  • Fixed drwing import issue when current empty drawing had a second level added.
  • Room Numbers persist through levels of drawing.

Release Notes (1.5.3):
  • Fixed crash when numbering angled wall.
  • Deleting a room no longer resets the room number seed for that level.

Release Notes (1.5.4):
  • Fixed window jumping when moving room.
  • Added back conditional showing of the add level button.

Release Notes (1.6.0):
  • Maintain address and unit filters at top of template screen.
  • Added ability to change room number by clicking icon button.
  • Wall breaks delete when dragged below minimum wall length.
  • Fixed reseeding of room numbers on multiple levels.

Release Notes (1.6.2):
  • Fixed reordering of room replicants and room numbers across levels.

Release Notes (1.7.0):
  • Added tab in toolbox for object heirarchy tree.
  • User can select item in tree to highlight it on the canvas.
  • User can delete item from tree if valid selection.
  • Added North Arrow automation.

Release Notes (1.7.1):
  • Made object tree icons larger.
  • Fixed discrepency between import and created Room Label tags in object tree.
  • Added padding to bottom of object tree.
  • Added NOrth Arrow automation back into BETA.
  • Removed white fill from Radiator.

Release Notes (1.7.2):
  • Fixed object tree expansion/collapse to show proper icon and selected object.

Release Notes (1.7.3):
  • Fixed issue where svg output for single bifold doors present the opposit way than they do on the canvas.

Release Notes (1.8.0):
  • With no object selected, the user can hit "flip horizontal" to flip the entire drawing horizontally.

Release Notes (1.9.0):
  • Added ability to flip drawing vertically.
  • Expanded the ability to flip drawing to other programs (included Building Exteriors, annotations, etc. in drawing flip).

Release Notes (1.9.1):
  • Fixed error preventing ability to place DE label.
  • Fixed error causing crash after vertex was moved then walls renumbered.
  • Fixed crash when selecting text and clicking "rotate right".
  • Changed padding on menus so that multiselect and info button always show.

Release Notes (1.9.2):
  • Fixed issue causing DE tag to shift on drawing flip.
Release Notes (1.9.3):
  • Fixed placement of individual wall designation after drawing flip.

Release Notes (1.10.0):
  • Added ability to set level to delete.
  • Removed replication validation for staircase room equivalents.
  • Added ability to assign object to stairs feature.
  • Deployed mobile database to handle canvas state save functionality and undo/redo.

Release Notes (1.10.2):
  • Canvas now saves state after moving room numbers.

Release Notes (1.10.3):
  • Fixed errors caused by deletion of levels. Adding level back did not highlight and room replication was thrown off.

Release Notes (1.10.4):
  • Took away ability to delete levels.

Release Notes (1.11.0):
  • Changed paint chip icon funtionality. The user can now "lock" the paint chip icon and tap in the relevant spot to place it. There is no longer a need to select the room first.
  • Fixed crashing of app when it was closed and the user taps on a .fbg file to open the app.

Release Notes (1.11.1):
  • Fixed crashing of app when clicking on fbg files to open the app. The database did not always exist on open.

Release Notes (1.11.2):
  • Removed North Arrow automation as it was unreliable.

Release Notes (1.12.0):
  • Optimized code.
  • Fixed issue causing icons to get stuck outside of the room if the room is resized. User can now move it only towards the room if it gets stuck outside.

Release Notes (1.12.1):
  • Added clean up of shared app group folder. Files sent from Solution 637 were building up.
  • Added "adjoining room" property to drawing object. For doors and missing walls, export will detect if they are connected to another room and assign this property.

Release Notes (1.12.2):
  • Updated adjoining room detection for entry ways to include more descriptive data.

Release Notes (1.12.3):
  • Fixed db initialization causing crash when Solution 637 tried to send a drawing to Solution 688 while it was closed.

Release Notes (1.13.0):
  • Added error handling for interpretation of adjoining entry way data.

Release Notes (1.14.0):
  • Added ability to delete levels.
  • Allow dust wipe samples to be placed for Doors and Windows.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Drip Line samples from showing on canvas.

Release Notes (1.14.1):
  • Fixed error causing nothing to happen when landing in 688 from 637.

Release Notes (1.14.2):
  • Validates there are a minimum of 3 aliqots per sample.
  • Aliquots and samples reorder themselves when another is deleted.
  • Drip Line samples replicate based on the locking of the DL tag.
  • Drip Lines are placed by auto detect of touch near wall.

Release Notes (1.14.3):
  • Risk assessment and multilevel bug fixes.

Release Notes (1.14.4):
  • Removed validation check that prevented exterior door from being detected as valid interior entry way.
  • Fixed saving of Dust Wipes and placement/movement with window.
  • Fixd error causing soil samples to be omitted in validation.

Release Notes (1.14.5):
  • Added tool tip to soil samples.
  • Allow for exterior dwelling entry and 1 wall tags to exist outside of the structure.

Release Notes (1.14.6):
  • Fixed error causing undo to jump when text annotations are placed.
  • Fixed error preventing dust wipes from deleting on dwelling entry doors.
  • Fixed placement of dust wipes on windows.

Release Notes (1.14.7):
  • Fixed Building Envelope type selection and replication selection.
  • Fixed bug causing deleted Dust Wipes to still present.

Release Notes (1.14.8):
  • Fixed Building Envelope creation.

Release Notes (1.14.9):
  • Fixed errors causing wall break and vertex movement to break wall off of room.

Release Notes (1.15.0):
  • Stairs.

Release Notes (1.15.1):
  • Added ability to rotate Stair Room Equivalents.
  • Fixed error caused by attempting to delete Stair Stringers.
  • Fixed cursor placement when editing number of stair risers.
  • Fixed error causing keyboard not to close when clicking "done".
  • Fixed error caused by attempting to flip drawing when on Level 1.

Release Notes (1.15.2):
  • Restricted stairs from being able to move risers outside of Room Equivalent.

Release Notes (1.15.3):
  • Added presentation of stairs to svg output.

Release Notes (1.15.4):
  • Fixed vertex placement error.
  • Fixed error caused by moving building exterior walls.

Release Notes (1.15.5):
  • Fixed vertex movement errors
  • Added unassigned sample structure and visual clues that samples need to be placed.

Release Notes (1.15.6):
  • Fixed error caused by placing vertex with nothing selected.

Release Notes (1.15.7):
  • Removed testing links from application.

Release Notes (1.15.8):
  • Fixed error causing the deletion of paint chips to not coincide with unassigned sample count.
  • Added manual error upload functionality and excessive error notifications.

Release Notes (1.16.0):
  • Added ability to "drag" a wall break, breaking the wall in multiple places.
  • Show wall segment measurements when moving and resizing walls.
  • Added ability to specify wall length using the "i" button.
  • Added visual presentation of wall mitering.

Release Notes (1.16.1):
  • Fixed crash when switching to Level 1.
  • Fixed error causing measurement labels to stick around after combining walls.
  • Fixed crash when manually inputing wall length.

Release Notes (1.16.2):
  • Added measurment labels to doors, windows, and missing wall segments.
  • Added height input to wall segments.
  • Added height and width input to doors, windows, and missing wall segments.
  • Added elevation input to Room Equivalents.

Release Notes (1.16.3):
  • Added Report Preview for drawings.
  • Fixed error preventing ACM inspections from adding levels.

Release Notes (1.16.4):
  • Changed measurement input display to "Width" instead of "Length" for doors, windows, and missing wall segments.
  • Changed default door width to 2.6 feet.

Release Notes (1.16.5 and 1.16.6):
  • Fixed error related to flipping of drawing.
  • Added ability for user to move RE back into canvas box.
  • New closet functionality. Drawing cannot be started with a closet and closet must have a parent room designated.

Release Notes (1.16.7):
  • Bug fixes with wall snaps and movements.
  • Remove unassigned samples from template import.

Release Notes (1.16.8):
  • Fixed error caused by closet validation that prevented export of drawings.

Release Notes (1.16.9):
  • Revised logic to detect adjoining rooms for doors.
  • Fixed error causing manual selection of closet replication to not save.

Release Notes (1.16.10):
  • Removed deletion of Gas Pipes and Pipe Risers from template import.

Release Notes (1.17.0):
  • Prevented wall from being sized below width of children on wall.
  • Changed measurement inputs to be specific to interior length for wall segments.
  • Added levels up to 100 for specific cases.
  • Prevent doors, windows, and missing wall segments from overlapping.

Release Notes (1.17.1):
  • Re-worked how doors, windows, and missing wall segments move and behave when parent wall is being sized.
  • Fixed issue where vertices did not move with doors, windows and missing wall segments when wall was being sized.
  • Fixed issue causing parallel wall lengths to be different.
  • Fixed issue causing wall height input to not persist.

Release Notes (1.17.2):
  • Fixed issue causing window not being able to move on wall.

Release Notes (1.17.3):
  • Fixed window, door, and missing wall segment behavior on wall vertex movement.

Release Notes (1.17.4):
  • Fixed application error on wall number movement.

Release Notes (1.18.0):
  • Present blank as as first option for room equivalent parent.
  • Added perimeter and base height input to windows.
  • Added staircase back and added parent assignment/validation functionality to them.
  • Changed measuremnt inputs to feet and inches.

Release Notes (1.18.1):
  • Fixed error causing app crash on window movement.
  • Altered sizing of modal popup windows.

Release Notes (1.18.4):
  • Fixed new drawing screen.
  • Fixed error on validation when staircase RE does not have parent.

Release Notes (1.19.0):
  • User can create free standing wall segments that are not anchored to existing walls.
  • Prevent wall breaks in Hallways/Foyers for NYCHA.

Release Notes (1.19.1):
  • Added ability to mark and edit sample locations with the sample label numbers.
  • Added ability to draw and move free standing wall segments.
  • Added ability to delete a free place vertex.

Release Notes (1.19.2):
  • Changed Object Tree to have rooms needing parent assignment at top.
  • Changed Object Tree to have rooms show directly beneath parent room.
  • Rooms highlight yellow if 637 indicates Sample Label #s needing to be placed.
  • User can select which sample label sheet they are using.
  • Validation warns of mismatching sample label numbers between 637 and 688.

Release Notes (1.19.3):
  • Fixed error caused by trying to designate free drawn (anchored) wall segments.
  • Added check so that free standing wall segment could not be drawn at 0 length.
  • Fixed error causing vertices to remain selected when they should not be.

Release Notes (1.19.4):
  • Brought code base up to date with current Flutter/Dart null safety standards.
  • Added additional validations to sample label placement so there cannot be duplicates and labels are assigned to rooms designated in 637.
  • Added more verbose language to sample label validation so it is clear to the user.
  • Fixed error causing free drawn wall segments to not recalculate when entering length.

Release Notes (1.19.6):
  • Fixed crash caused by door placement

Release Notes (1.19.7):
  • Fixed crash caused by undo/redo.
  • Added ability to place xrf readings on drawing.
  • Wall Segments now get a replication within their designation (i.e. 2-1, 2-2, 2-3).

Release Notes (1.19.8):
  • Created a new icon for drawing a connected wall segment.
  • Placing xrf reading on a wall also places wall number on canvas for that segment if it does not already exist.

Release Notes (1.19.9):
  • Fixed error that did not allow free standing wall segments to be placed vertically.
  • Ordered drawings from newest to oldest in the drawing list.
  • Ordered filters alphabetically in template library and defaulted filters to current address and unit style of drawing.

Release Notes (1.19.10):
  • Added step to export to ensure older drawings get replication numbers

Release Notes (1.19.11):
  • Ensured that walls needing xrf assignment were drawn above others and brightened the color to make it more visually obvious.

Release Notes (1.20.1):
  • Prepared app for app store release.
Release Notes (1.20.2):
  • Fixed error causing measurement labels to not hide when they should have.
  • Prevented stairs from being created with empty riser number.
  • Fixed crash caused by attempting to delete exterior door on Level 1.
  • Excluded stairs from overlap validation.

Release Notes (1.20.3):
  • Changed validation of excess sample labels in 688 to a fail instead of a warning.

Release Notes (1.20.5):
  • Fixed error causing stairs to not resize.
  • Porch now highlights when wall is selected.

Release Notes (1.20.6):
  • Fixed error causing walls to miter wrong once they drop below 30 pixels.
  • Fixed error causing stairs to not resize.
  • Added blue highlight of area when wall is selected for Porch, Deck, and Stairs.
  • Attempt to add a door without a type selected now stops the user on save.
  • Doubled the canvas zoom distance for better interaction with smaller objects.

Release Notes (1.21.1):
  • Rolled version numbers to stisfy app store requrements.

Release Notes (1.21.2):
  • Added copy/paste functionality for windows and doors

Release Notes (1.21.3):
  • Fixed bug caused by assuming wall labels to be numeric.

Release Notes (1.21.4):
  • Altered validation message for dust wipes to make it more clear where they need to be placed.
  • Fixed error causing dust wipes to persist on undo/redo.

Release Notes (1.22.0):
  • All walls now show wall number when xrf reading is placed.

Release Notes (1.22.1):
  • Minor bug fixes.

Release Notes (1.22.2):
  • Fixed error caused by pressing info button with undesignated wall selected.

Release Notes (1.22.3):
  • Added logic to not undesignate wall segment when wall number is deleted and other wall segments still exist with the same wall number present.

Release Notes (1.22.4):
  • Fixed issue causing wall break to error when zoomed in.

Release Notes (1.22.5):
  • Fixed undesignated wall coloring issue.

Release Notes (1.22.6):
  • Walls with unassigned samples now present over doors and windows to be more visible.

Release Notes (1.22.7):
  • Minor bug fixes.

Release Notes (1.23.0):
  • Fixed error causing template import crash.
  • Added wall designations to connected free drawn wall segments.

Release Notes (1.23.1):
  • Added designation and segment number info popup for wall segments.

Release Notes (1.24.1):
  • Fixed error causing wall segment numbers to be reversed when flipping drawing.

Release Notes (1.25.0):
  • NYCHA insepctors can now add multiple levels.

Release Notes (1.25.1):
  • Selection scopes to entire room when wall break is placed.

Release Notes (1.25.2):
  • Fixed issue causing room numbers from level 1 to persist to level 2.

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